5 An easy way to make an example of an Android cellphone screen password lock

5 easy ways to make an example of an Android cellphone screen password lock

5 An easy way to make an example of an Android cellphone screen password lock - Almost all cellphone brands with the Android operating system such as Samsung, Advance, Asus, and other cellphone brands that use the Android operating system are equipped with a feature to lock the screen which is ready to be activated, this screen lock is usually used by cellphone owners as a security code to avoid things unwanted things that can harm your cellphone done by other people, apart from that the cellphone lock is also used to prevent the cellphone from being free for anyone to use, only with the permission of the cellphone owner can only access the cellphone.

There are several types of screen lock systems that are available on every cellphone with the Android operating system that is commonly used, namely, a lock with a pattern, a lock with a PIN digit, or a lock system by entering a password, all of which have the same security which is not easy to penetrate.

Unfortunately, for several reasons, there are various cellphone owners who cannot open the password for their Android cellphone, either because they have forgotten or because of certain things that make the Android cellphone locked. emergency only without being able to access it fully.

If this happens to you, you shouldn't need to panic, because there are several ways you can try to unlock your locked Android phone password so that you can access your cellphone again in full.

How to open a locked Android cellphone password

In the following, I will describe several ways to unlock your Android cellphone password, from the easiest to the one with the risk of erasing your Android cellphone data.

Using Phone Calls

If your Android phone is locked, the first easiest way to unlock your Android phone password without losing data is by making a phone call on a locked Android phone, please make a call to your locked Android phone number from another cellphone, then answer the call. then don't close it first.

While the call is active, please press the Home button to display the menu on your cellphone, then please activate internet data so that you can sign in again using your Gmail, then you activate the settings menu to set a password or use a pattern to lock the cellphone, you can open the cellphone you by using the patern reference or password that you created.

It is possible for some cellphone brands with the Android operating system, this may not work, but you can try it, if it doesn't work on your Android cellphone, you can use other methods.

Using Android Device Manager (ADM)

Android device manager (Android device manager) is mobile software specifically provided by Google to help cellphone owners from a security point of view so they can control their cellphone remotely via the internet network, this tool is installed by default on every cellphone with an operating system. the latest version of android, but the status is inactive, to activate the android device manager you can go through the settings menu > security > i am device manager, on your cellphone the menu can be different but basically it's in the security menu.

You can use this new ADM tool to unlock your locked Android phone if your locked Android phone has activated this Android device manager, so that the cellphone can be controlled for certain purposes such as:
  • Erase all data on the cellphone, this is useful if your cellphone is stolen
  • Change screen unlock password, this is useful if your locked phone can't be unlocked
  • Screen lock control, can be used to lock the stolen cellphone screen
How to open a locked cellphone password with the Android device manager, the steps are as follows:

1. This method is only for your Android phone that has ADM activated, if you haven't tried it, who knows, it might work (or you can try activating it in method #1 above).

2. The cellphone must be connected to the internet (Please try method # 1 above if your locked cellphone is offline)

3. Enter the site https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager, Please log in with your Gmail account that is the same as the one you installed on your Android phone.

4. After you log into the Android device manager via a computer, there will be 3 choices:
  • Ring, this is for ringing a cellphone, very useful for finding a lost cellphone because you forgot to keep it at home.
  • Lock, this is to re-lock and reset the password that you previously installed on your Android phone.
  • Erase, is used to erase all data on the cellphone if the cellphone is stolen so that privacy is maintained
To reset the password, please click the Lock button, then you will be asked to enter a new password for your locked Android device.

Up to the above step, if successful, it will reset your Android cellphone password without losing the data in it, then you can open it with the password you created using android device manager.

Utilize the Forgot Pattern Feature

The Forgot pattern feature is a solution for getting a key reference pattern on your forgotten Android cellphone screen, a key reference or security code to open it will be sent via email if you request a Forgot Pattern, This feature only appears if you experience 5 failures to unlock the screen, but unfortunately this feature only works on the Android operating system version Android 4.4 KitKat and below.

If your cellphone is an Android cellphone with the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system or an earlier version, you can use this feature to unlock your locked cellphone, with the following steps:

1. Please open with the original referral until it fails 5 times, after 5 failed attempts you will be asked to wait for 30 seconds

Almost all cellphone brands with the Android operating system, such as Samsung, 5 Practical Ways to Open a Forgotten Android Screen Lock Pattern (Password).

2. Please press the Forgot pattern? To get a solution, you will be offered 2 available methods namely, Sign in with your Google account and Google will send you a patern referral by email or by answering a security question, please select sign in with google account and google will send to reset your password.

Until the above step, if successful, then you should be able to unlock your Android cellphone password with the new password that you set without losing data.

Using Samsung Find My Mobile

For cellphones with the Samsung brand, there are many services that have been provided by Samsung, one of the services that is quite useful, namely Samsung Find my Mobile, This tool is the same as the Android Device Manager but only for Samsung users. 

The function of this tool is to find your lost cellphone, but it can also be used to reset your Android cellphone password. the steps are as follows:
  • Your cellphone must be branded samsung
  • You have previously created a Samsung account via your Android phone, otherwise this method will not work.
  • Then open the site https://findmymobile.samsung.com/ then log in with the Samsung account that you previously created on your Samsung cellphone.
  • On the main Samsung find my mobile page, please search and select the "Lock My Screen" menu to reset and re-lock your Samsung cellphone, you will be asked to enter a new pin then please press the Lock button.
If you succeed then you will be able to get into your locked phone without losing data.

Factory Data Reset

Method 5 is the last method you can try if the methods above don't work, namely by doing a factory data reset, namely resetting your android phone to factory settings, but unfortunately if you use this method you have to give up losing data stored in the internal memory of your Android cellphone.

If indeed there is no other way, this method can be a last resort, the steps are as follows:

1. Turn off your android phone.

2. After the cellphone is turned off, enter recovery mode by pressing the Power button,  Volume Up (to increase the sound), Home button, press together then hold for about 5 seconds so that the cellphone turns on and the recovery mode menu appears to do a factory data reset (For some types of cellphones, the method may be different, please just search the internet).

Almost all cellphone brands with the Android operating system, such as Samsung, 5 Practical Ways to Open a Forgotten Android Screen Lock Pattern (Password).

3. In the menu that appears, just select wipe data/factory reset using the volume up and down buttons, similar to the display above, then press the power button to select it, for some types of cellphone brands the appearance may be different, please just select the one that is identical to the factory data reset.

When the process is complete, please select Reboot system now, to restart your Android phone, after turning on your Android phone it will return like new.

Thus the article about 5 Practical Ways to Open the Security Pattern Lock Code (Password) on the Android HP Screen, I hope this is useful.
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