How to Overcome a Slow Android Phone

How to Overcome a Slow Android Phone

How to Overcome a Slow Android Phone - Hey guys, this time I will share tips on how to deal with your Android phone which is often slow. This slow or lagging problem may not be absurd for us, because I'm sure almost all Android users have experienced it. But in fact there are still people who do not understand how to deal with this dilemma.

In my personal opinion, the cause of the slow & lagging Android cellphone is due to just 3 things, namely RAM, Storage, & Bugs in Software. If you are able to overcome these 3 things, I'm sure your Android phone will return smoothly. For more details, please read the explanation below.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is a temporary memory that is used as a container for running applications on your Android phone. RAM has a capacity that can be full at any time. If it is full, surely your Android phone will start to feel slow and lag. Here are tips & tricks to free up RAM on your Android phone.

Close applications that are still running in the background

when you have finished using the application and close the application from your android phone, the application actually does not completely stop. because there are still processes running secretly (background) on your Android phone (service). the point is that when the application was reopened, the application can open quickly.

Reduce unwanted widgets and shortcuts on the home screen

the number of widgets and shortcuts on the homescreen will also burden your Android's performance. Please use only shortcuts & widgets that you really need.


Storage is a place to store data such as files, applications, music, pictures, videos, and so on. This storage is divided into 2, namely Internal Storage which is already embedded in your Android & External Storage such as Micro SD. Just like RAM, Storage also has a capacity which, if full, will slow down & lag your Android. Here are tips & tricks to free up your Android cellphone storage.

As much as possible use external memory to store your files

Just like laptops, Android operating system data is also stored in internal memory, which is also used by Android to create its own cache files. the process of creating cache files will take longer if the storage space is full.

Use an alternative application

make sure you always check the size of the application you have installed. If it is large enough to use up storage, My advice is to look for alternatives to these applications, you can use applications that are All in One or Lite Version.

Delete default applications (bloatware) that are not used

By deleting the default application, either from the Android OS or from your brand cellphone, it will certainly make the storage capacity more relieved. However, only Android phones that have been rooted can remove this default application. For that please root your android phone first.

Clear cache

If after following the tips & tricks above but your Android phone is still slow, you can do this one method, namely Clearing Cache. You can do this method once every 2 weeks or once a month so that the results are more visible.

- Delete old chats, pictures, videos and unused sound recordings.
This is also one way to create more spacious storage. If you often download images, videos, sound recordings on whatsapp or telegram. You will surely find these files in your Android phone's Gallery.

Bugs Software

- Always update OS and applications to the latest versions.
bugs in the OS or application will make your Android phone's performance less than optimal. Therefore, always check & update your OS or application, because in the latest update, the bugs in the previous version have definitely been fixed, thereby increasing the performance and performance of the application or OS.

That's all for this article, until here you should already understand how to deal with your Android phone when it's slow or lagging. If you have anything to ask, please write in the comments. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.
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