Upload Android Application To Google Playstore

Upload Android Application To Google Playstore

Android applications are mobile-based applications that we can generally get through the Google Playstore application. Android applications found on Google Playstore are generally free, but there are some that are paid.

Regarding Android applications on Google Playstore, perhaps some of you may have thought and wondered who created these Android applications, who are willing to create Android applications which can then be downloaded for free.

Even though we know that creating an android application is not easy, it requires skills in the field of IT, especially programming languages, but why are many android application makers willing to make it free, so that it can be downloaded for free. Is there any profit for the maker?.

Ordinary people or maybe those of you who are new to Android applications will probably ask the same thing, but you need to know that making an Android application is then uploaded to the Google Play Store and then free of charge, of course, not without purpose.

It should be noted that by uploading the Android application that we make to the Google Playstore, the maker will have the opportunity to earn online, one of which is from Google.

Lol... how can it be like that... how do you do it?

There are many ways. One of the ways that is quite well-known and widely used is to collaborate with Google as the owner of the Playstore, the collaboration in question is cooperation to display Google Admob ads as one of Google's advertising media for mobile platforms.

So by dealing with Google, in this case, namely Google AdMob, the application that we make can later be installed with advertisements, and when visitors play the Android application that we make, advertisements will appear, and if the advertisement that appears gets clicks or views from visitors, then the Application makers will get a commission from Google.

So even though the android application that we make is free of charge, the application maker still has the opportunity to earn online from Google, generally the more users download the application and play it, the greater the income opportunities that can be obtained.

3 Advantages of creating and uploading Android applications to Google Playstore

In accordance with what was described above, that creating an Android application is then uploaded to the Google Playstore which can be downloaded for free actually not without purpose, the main goal is to earn money online from Google.

For more details, the benefits that can be obtained by application makers by uploading their applications to Google Playstore are as follows:

1. Get income from google.

For those of you who are interested in earning online income from Google, one way besides blogging and becoming a YouTuber is to create an Android application and upload it to Google Playstore.

So that the applications that we upload can make money, we can get in touch with advertising media so that applications can be advertised from these advertising media.

We will be able to commission if there are many users who download our application and the advertisements that appear in the application get clicks or views (video ads).

2. Selling Android-based digital applications/books

The second advantage that we can get apart from placing advertisements in the applications that we make is by providing paid applications, meaning that we do not upload applications that are uploaded to the Playstore for free. 

Paid applications can simply be an opportunity to earn online via Android, the more people are interested and dare to spend money to download it, the higher the profits will be.

So you don't be surprised when you want to get an application through the Playstore, but it says there is a pen written a certain amount of money to download it, that means the application is not free.

3. Selling game items

The third advantage that we can get from Android applications that are uploaded on the Google Playstore is by selling application items.

Generally, this type of application can be obtained and played for free, but usually it is not full 100% free, usually in the application there are items or features that are disabled, and can only be used by buying or paying.

Examples of this application can be found in several game applications that are already popular, in game applications there are many items that can be obtained but you have to spend money to buy them.

Apart from the three benefits above, there seem to be many other benefits, basically if you want to work from home and get paid in dollars, then you can try your luck in online business, such as becoming a blogger, becoming a YouTuber or becoming an Android application developer.

Even though making an android application is quite difficult, there are several instance ways that you can try to make it without having to understand programming languages, or you can also create an android application through a re-skin process (buy source code from someone else then modify its appearance) it's easier than making it yourself from scratch, but you may need to spend capital and need to learn the re-skin technique.

Hopefully the 3 advantages of creating and uploading Android applications to Google Playstore above can provide information to you on how to earn money online by using technology.
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